Campsite Rates

May - October 2019

Site Class Hook Ups Details Nightly Rates
Premium River W/E Sites 1-39, 46-55A
(20 amp - 30 amp - 50 amp electric)
80' Pull-Thru W/E/S
Sites 77-115
(20 amp - 30 amp - 50 amp electric)
Poolside W/E/S
Sites 301-330, except cabins
(30 amp - 50 amp electric)
Eastern Slope Forest Premium
Stay 6 consecutive nights,
get a 7th night free!
W/E Sites 40A-45, 56-60
(15 amp - 20 amp - 30 amp electric)
Ballfield W/E Sites 61-71, 213-215
(20 amp - 30 amp electric)
Eastern Slope Forest Deluxe
Stay 6 consecutive nights,
get a 7th night free!
W/E/S Sites 120-123, 128-131, 140-143, 148-151, 166-169, 173-176, 180-188 (20 amp - 30 amp electric) $54.99
Eastern Slope Forest Standard
Stay 6 consecutive nights,
get a 7th night free!
W/E Sites 72-76, 124-127, 132-135, 136-139, 144-147, 152-165, 170-172, 177-179, 190-199, 211-212
(20 amp - 30 amp electric)
Deposits, Cancellations & Refunds
DEPOSITS, CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS: A prepayment of four (4) days fee is required at time of booking (full prepayment if reservation is less than 4 days). Balance is due at check-in. When reserving the same site or cabin for the following year during your current stay, a 3 night deposit is required for each week and no other payment is due until the day of check-in. A $150.00 security deposit will be required upon check-in on all cabins.
Cancellation Policy: If you cancel 30 days or MORE before check-in on a reservation made during a prior year for the following year, including re-booking a site, the cancellation fee is equal to 1 night and will be withheld as non-refundable from your prepayment. When cancelling reservations made during the current year more than 30 days before check in, you will receive a refund minus a $20 cancellation fee. If you cancel 30 days or less prior to the scheduled check-in, you will lose your 4 day prepayment and anything you have paid above that 4 day prepayment will be refunded to you by the same method of payment previously used.
Shortening Your Stay: Shortening your reservation is not permitted on any minimum-stay site. There will be a 50% daily rate fee charged to any non minimum stay requirement site, if you shorten your stay 30 days or less prior to scheduled check-in.
There will be a $10.00 fee for each permitted change made to a reservation. If you are changing your dates, this is considered a cancellation, not a permitted change. No Early Check-ins or Late Check-outs on Fridays and Saturdays from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend.
Minimum Stay Requirements
There is no minimum stay between mid-May to mid-June or the day after Labor Day until mid-October, with the exception of holidays. From June 22 to August 24, a full Saturday to Saturday reservation is required on Premium Riverfront, 80' Pull Thrus, Ballfield Sites and Cabins. Weekends during this time require a 3 or 4 night minimum depending on the site and amenities. Minimum stay requirement on Holiday weekends is 3 nights, with the exception of Labor Day which is 4 nights.
We don’t charge extra for sunshine, and we don’t refund for rain, inclement weather, or Acts of God.
No refunds for early departures and no shows.
Eastern Slope Camping Area reserves the right to evict and refuse rebooking to campers, without refund, should they fail to abide by all rules and policies set forth.
Cozy Cabin Rate
$109.99 per night
Refundable $150.00 security deposit is due at check-in.
9% NH Rooms Tax applies to all cabins.
Seasonal Rates
Please contact the office for information on a seasonal campsite, with water, electric, sewer, and cable!
Visitors & Guests Cost Per Day Cost Over Night
Children 12 & Under No Charge $3.00
Children 13-17 $2.00 $6.00
Adults 18+ $5.00 $10.00
Dogs $2.00 $2.00

Family Campsite Includes

  • 2 Adults 18+
  • 2 Children 17 & under
  • 1 Sleeping unit
  • 1 Vehicle
  • 1 Fire ring
  • Cable (sites 77-115, 301-330)
  • Picnic table
  • Free Wi-Fi Access
There is a limit of 8 persons allowed per site, including guests.


To make a reservation now, please call us, at (603) 447-5092, from 8:00AM until 9:00PM in season, off season office hours may vary. We are happy to take the time to discuss your camping options and to answer any questions over the phone. If you would like to make an online request and receive a call-back, please fill-in the form below. We will call you back within 48 hours. Otherwise, you may fill out the form and call us during office hours, so that we have all of your information available to us when you call. Please note that you do not have an actual reservation until it has been confirmed and a deposit has been received. We do not accept online payments or checks. Payments should be made by phone with Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

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Reservation Request
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Check-in time and latest set up time is between 1:00PM and 9:00PM only
(3:00PM and 9:00PM only for cozy cedar cabins). No arrival after 9:00PM.
Security gate requires gate pass, which will be furnished at time of check-in.
Check-out time is 11:00AM for all sites and cabins.
If you are booking more than 14 days in advance, a full week Saturday-Saturday reservation is required on all sites, except those in the Eastern Slope Forest and the Poolside sites.
(2 adults max; 2 children max; 1 car max; extra parking available.)
(If you plan to run an air conditioner a lot, we recommend 30-amp electric service.)
Maximum # of vehicles per site is 1 (Cabins only 1 vehicle).
Limited overflow parking may be available at no charge. Please check with the office.
(Maximum number of adults permitted per site is 4.)
(Each teen after 2 is $6 per night extra.)
(Maximum number of people permitted per site is 8.)
(Sorry, no aggressive breeds. See dog policies.)
Special Requests:
By submitting this reservation request, you hereby acknowledge and accept all rules and policies set forth by Eastern Slope Camping Area. It is your responsibility to review our rules and policies before arrival and to abide by them at all times. This is a family campground. Quiet hours are from 10:00PM to 7:00AM!
Important Note: Some spam filters work too well. In order to insure that you receive our response to your request, please be certain that e-mail from is included in your list of acceptable e-mail addresses. If you do not receive a response to your inquiry, please contact your ISP to determine if they have blocked our e-mail from reaching you without your knowledge, then call us for the response which was blocked from reaching you.
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