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Please rate the following on a scale from 1-4 (where 1 is the worst and 4 is the best):
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I loved the beauty of the mountains and the overall peacefulness. My children were in bed by 6:00 PM most evenings. My children are of color, and prior to our stay were a bit nervous about that being a potential issue. However they were treated with dignity, kindness, and respect. They enjoyed the hay ride and making their ice cream. I enjoyed sitting by the river and watching them play in the sand! What a great way to rejuvenate and escape the craziness of the city life. I would absolutely come back again, and actually have reserved a site for Memorial Day and 3 weeks in August! The camping atmosphere reminds me of times as a child when my parents would take my entire family camping, however we did not have the luxury of bath houses etc. Eastern Slope brought back memories for me that soothe my soul, and I want my children to experience the same memories. All of the staff was wonderful!
Florie Chamber, MA

From the moment we arrived, I had a good vibe about the place. We arrived late, and the desk personnel called me by name. He walked me to our site because it was dark. They knew I was coming. The staff was friendly the whole weekend. We have stayed at The Beach and Saco River camping in the past as well. This is by far the best place for kids. During our stay at Eastern Slope, we stayed at one of the sites just behind the office. We chose this just looking at the site map on the computer. These sites are smaller and close together. That is the only negative thing I experienced about the weekend. After walking around the campground, we quickly learned most of the other sites are bigger. The wooden canopy is a big bonus as well. We will be back next year, when we plan to stay down closer to the river.
Steve LeBlanc, MA

I absolutely loved the canoe trip down the Saco. What a wonderful experience for our family. The price was just right, the shuttle to the beginning, and the fact that you end up right on the campground beach was awesome! Thank you for such a wonderful activity. We took the canoe trip on the Monday we were there, and our driver was super nice. He pointed out some interesting things along the way, was very friendly, and gave us great instruction. Just wanted to thank him for a great send off!
Courtney White, MA

My husband camped Eastern Slopes as a kid and introduced me to it after we were married. We camped several times before we had children, mostly on Columbus Day Weekend. We enjoyed camping along the river and warm campfires in the evening. After our kids came along, we enjoyed camping with our extended family members each August, lazy tubing down the Saco and campfires in the evening. We also like that the quiet hour rules were reinforced for the sake of the families with small children. We loved the big open playground with sites around the perimeter, making it easy to keep an eye on the little ones. We also like the close proximity Eastern Slopes has to everything the White Mountains region has to offer.

Yes, the new owner – can’t remember his name. (Paul) He was very friendly and accommodating to us when we stayed in one of the cabins this past Columbus Day. The cabins, by the way, were awesome and a great way to travel with little ones during Columbus Day when it is too cold for them to be in a tent at night. We already have reservations for Columbus Day weekend 2009 – our maiden voyage in our pop-up (after tenting it for 12 years). Can’t wait to come back!
Janine S., MA

We had a great camping experience in 2009 with the new owners of Eastern Slope. They are fixing things all over the park, adding more entertainment, and they are always attentive to camping family needs. I never saw the campground so full. Thanks for adding the family pet (area). It meant everything to able to bring our dog Zoë. We are booked already for 2010 from July 11th thru July 25th. If (you get a cancellation) we would like to come in on Friday July 9th to the 25th. We are also booked for Labor Day Week 2010. Thanks for a great summer!
Dick & Gina Mansourian, MA

The staff was very friendly. The campsite where we stayed was less than 100 ft from the water. Every picnic table has its own enclosure over it. We tubed and kayaked right there on the Saco River. It’s a very family oriented campground. This is one of the few campgrounds where you can make a reservation for less than five days minimum stay. Loved everything about this wonderful campground … and they allow pets.
Lawrence Clancy, MA

We loved the large campsites! Lots of room to have a campfire and dry your beach towels! The old style bath houses were a big hit with our kids, and we loved the spaciousness of the showers. We will be back!
The Bates Family, NS

My family and I stayed at your campground in July of 2007, along with another family. We have never camped before, and weren’t really sure if we would like it, especially with four small children. Let me tell you, you spoiled us. Your bathrooms were clean, the place was very quiet at night, and the price was right. Not to mention the convenient canopies, and sites that weren’t right on top of each other. Let me tell you how much I appreciate the fact that we were charged as a family. With four children, we were looking for a fairly inexpensive way to go on vacation. So many places that I’ve looked into charge families a-la-cart (per person after the first two people - or extra if you have more than two children). I don’t usually send letters or e-mails at random, however I thought you should know just how happy our first camping experience was, and how high you have set the bar! We were camping last weekend in Massachusetts, and I can’t tell you how many times your name came up!!! We can’t wait to get back to see you next year.
K. Cabral, MA

I loved the beach and the river! We had a wonderful time canoeing and we’re happy we didn’t have to go somewhere else to rent canoes! We are absolutely coming back next summer. Thank you so much!
Shaina, MA

We have stayed with you four times now and each time we love the campground even more! We have two children and we have always enjoyed camping; however, since finding your campground we MAKE time for camping more and have stopped considering any other campgrounds. We really enjoy the canoeing and hanging out on the banks of the river. The crowd at the campground is very family friendly and it makes for an enjoyable experience all around. We tell (and bring) all our friends to Eastern Slope Camping Area. See you in 2009!
Deb R., MA

This is a great camping spot with good amenities. We loved the nice quiet atmosphere at your place! Overall this is the best campground in the area that we have stayed at to date! We have been coming up to the area for the last 5 years and tried your place due to issues with another area campground. You have earned us as a repeat customer year after year!
Norman Krebs, NH

Overall, we love staying there. My husband has been going there for over 20 years, and I have been going there for at least 12. We love that it’s quiet and a family place with fenced off sites. The playground and open field are great for our two kids under age of 4. Thank you!

My Husband and I camped there for years, and then, as we had children, brought them. We love the sites and the river. It’s a great camping experience.
Jennifer, MA

We usually book 6 to 9 sites twice a year and have such a great time. The canopies, the large sites, the river (so clean!), the rafting from beach one to beach two (what a blast!), the friendly staff – I could go on and on. This is the best camping place, and I have been camping for over 40 years.
Richard M., MA

We like the calmness of the area.
K.T., MA

We love the big ball field to play on and the river to play in.
The Cane Family, MA

I greatly enjoyed the controlled atmosphere of the campground. The quiet hours were enforced and rowdiness was not permitted. Eastern Slopes is certainly a family campground. Campers can enjoy themselves but not at the expense of others. I would like to thank all the staff and Daniel in particular for making our stay a pleasant quiet one.
Joshua, MA